Help!! Brighten Up My Family Room!!

So, my BBF sent me this text, “I need help!!!!  How do I make my house look like these pictures??”,  she then proceeded to send several texts of pictures from Pinterest.  The last text she sent read, “Think Target prices, not Pottery Barn!”.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.54.45 PMa sample of the pictures she sent me

The thing she hated about her family room was that is seemed so dark.  She wanted to brighten and cheer her room up. The challenging thing was going to be how to incorporate her existing furniture with the new lighter things she loved.  Here are the pieces that were going to stay:

  • dark brown/green couches
  • dark wood end tables
  • chocolate brown leather ottoman
  • dark brown wood tv console

So, how do you lighten up a room when you have several dark pieces to work with?  Here’s what I did:

OB-Theresa's Room Redo-2

How do you think I did?  Does it feel like the inspiration pictures my BBF sent me?

Here are a few easy ways to freshen up & brighten your room:

1) Paint:  This is the quickest way to brighten up any room.  My go-to neutral paint color is always grey.  People tend to shy away from grey because they think it will make their room cold.  But that is not the case!!  There are several shades of grey which actually have a warm base.  My favorite is Mindful Grey by Sherwin-Williams.  It is a great color to use if you have lots of browns or tans in your room.

2) Lamps:  Lamps are typically a lot cheaper to buy than end tables and they come in so many fun shapes and colors.  Since my BBF was keeping her dark end tables, I picked out some cream lamps with light neutral shades.  This will break up the darkness and heaviness of the end tables.

3) Window Panels: I love how panels can add subtle pattern to your room and give it depth.  I picked light panels with a soft dark grey &  brown pattern.  I didn’t go all cream with the panels since I didn’t want to ignore the dark pieces she was still keeping.  The soft pattern helps tie all of the furniture together.

4) Accessorize Your Couch: You can really change the feel of a room with new pillows and a new throw. Look at this same couch styled 3 different ways:

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 7.59.13 PM

I really love for fun pillows at great prices.

5) Tray for Coffee Table:  I love this little trick to easily change up the look of your coffee table.  Since my task was to make a room feel lighter, I put a large cream tray on top of her coffee table.  This instantly gives the room an airier feel.

Hope this gave you some quick inspiration to brighten up your house!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.47.49 PM


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