DIY – Easter Egg Wreath

It’s March 1st and I want Spring to be here!! What better way to get rid of the winter blues than to create a bright and cheery Easter wreath. Full discloser here, this is the 1st wreath I have EVER made! So, it is totally NOT perfect, but I think it is pretty adorable.
Easter Wreath 5

1) styrofoam or wire wreath (I used a wire one because our front door is huge and the styrofoam wreaths didn’t come as large as I wanted)
2) batting (you only need this if you are using a wire wreath frame)
3) ribbon
4) white easter eggs (I think it would also look great with the colored eggs)
5) washi tape
6) glue gun

Easter Wreath_supplies

STEP 1 – Since I was using a wire wreath frame, I needed the diameter of the wreath to be a little bulkier so I would have more wreath to attach the eggs.  Just wrap the batting around the wire frame and secure it with tape.  Remember, be sure to not make it too thick. When you add the eggs, the eggs will add about 2 inches to the diameter of the wreath.  If you are using a styrofoam frame you can skip the batting.

Easter Wreath_2

STEP 2 – Wrap the wreath in ribbon.  You will see the ribbon when the wreath is complete, so be sure to use a color that coordinates with the washi tape you choose.  I used ribbon I had on hand and that’s why my wreath is wrapped in 2 different types of ribbon. 🙂

Easter Wreath #3

STEP 3 – Put washi tape on the eggs.  I had no rhyme nor reason to how I applied the tape.  I did learn it looks better to only put one color tape on each egg.  When I put more than one color on an egg, it looked too messy and didn’t look as coordinated.

Easter Wreath 3

STEP 4 – Glue, glue and more glue!  Hot glue the eggs on the wreath.  I was worried it would be hard to get the eggs to look like they were on the wreath in an organized pattern. It was actually easier than I thought.  Once you start gluing the eggs, it is almost like putting fitting pieces into a puzzle. For my wreath, I didn’t go all the way around with the eggs.  I was intending to, but I ran out of eggs and it was too much to drag my kids back to Hobby Lobby…I think they would have had a melt down!

STEP 5 – I made a bow out of some Easter ribbon and hot glued it to the wreath and “ta-dah” you have an Easter Egg Wreath.

Easter Wreath 4

Question of the day…how many eggs do you think I used on my wreath?  Comment below with your answer and the person who is closest with out going over will receive a 20% off coupon at Good Luck!

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.47.49 PM


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